Clothes for smiles

Earlier this month, members of Umang Foundation, a local NGO that has various philanthropic initiatives, distributed clothes among tribal villagers at a tribalwadi near Salunkhe village, Karjat taluka.

The NGO had initiated a collection drive all over Mumbai in August-September with the help of more than 300 families and nine corporate houses, and on October 2, a team of 18 volunteers headed towards the village.

Says Ashish Goyal, founder member of the NGO, “Clothes and toys were already sent to the village, well in advance. Our first destination was a hostel where the team Umang was supposed to meet around 150 children. The children had already gathered at the hostel. Team Umang made sure that the best available clothes, as per the child’s size, were given.”

“After that, we headed towards the wadi, which was two-three km from this hostel. This wadi has approximately 350 tribal villagers, who are primarily daily-wage farmers… It was our first distribution this year and we will reach out to more remote areas, where clothes are required by the tribal villagers.”

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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